This is a test post from within Bleezer to give it a test run. First impressions are not good. It has messed up my categories because it doesn’t support hierarchical categories, or if it does, it’s buggy as hell with WordPress. The GUI feels typical of free software, it feels crude and un-polished. As a Mac user I’m not at all impressed.

I’m only a few minutes in an already it’s making a dogs dinner of my post. Inserting and removing paragraph breaks is buggy as hell. It’s throwing in needless and un-wanted style information into it’s paragraph tags and missing paragraph tags around some paragraphs. In short, if you care about the markup of your post this app is not for you. It is simply not robust and keeps on being insanely annoying. The one thing that a text editor needs to do is get text editing right, this fails miserably.

Actually … I can’t get the next paragraph to be a paragraph. I’m going to have to go to the HTML version and hack it. I’m only five minutes in and already I’m so pissed off with this that I’ve decided to nuke it. This software is not ready for the real world. I haven’t used anything as crappy as this in a very long time. Enough said really.

P.S. When I send this to wordpress I’m going to add a screen-shot of the total dogs-dinner Bleezer made of marking up this review.

Bleezer’s Crappy HTML

P.P.S. When this made it to WordPress it had lost the categories I added and while publishing the GUI just froze, no progress bar, nothing! There was no visual clue at all that the whole thing hadn’t just locked up. Also, it stuck in style attributes which over-ride my site’s style (I manually removed them from within WordPress). What the hell was it doing forcing my text to be left aligned? Surely my blog’s style sheet should determine the presentation, not Bleezer!

Turns out there is no built-in spell checking either, FireFox showed me a plethora of spelling mistakes to correct. What on earth is the point in a blog client that is miles behind what is offered by FireFox? I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a less able piece of software. It has actually genuinely annoyed me with it’s crapiness.

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