HSXKPasswd – A Secure Memorable Password Generator

Inspired by the XKCD webcomic below, and by Steve Gibson’s Password Haystacks page, HSXKPasswd is a Perl module (Crypt::HSXKPasswd) and terminal command (hsxkpasswd) for generating passwords that are secure, memorable, and easy to read, type, and share over the phone. The module is released under a FreeBSD open-source license. The HSXKPasswd Perl module powers the online password generator at www.xkpasswd.net

The module has been completely re-written from the ground up in the summer of 2014 to make it more programmer friendly and easier to use. This new version of the module is hosted and managed on GitHub, and the latest stable release is available via CPAN.


Quick Install Guide

You can install the latest stable release of the perl module and terminal command via CPAN:

sudo cpan Crypt::HSXKPasswd

Note: due to problems with another package (File::HomeDir) this command alone is not enough to get Crypt::HSXKPasswd installed on MacOS ATM (June 2019) — there is an easy workaround.

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