Those of you who actually poke around my Photo Gallery may have noticed that I’ve had a section for desktop wallpapers there for a while now. You may have wondered why I’d never blogged about it before. Well, the reason is that I wasn’t happy with my wallpapers. They all looked a bit flat to me. I spent a few hours this evening tweaking them and now I’m finally happy enough to announce them. They are still far from perfect. I still consider them amateur creations, but I’m not ashamed to announce them any more. So, here’s the link.

While trying to get these wallpapers into a descent state I came across two very cool GIMP tutorials, one which really lets you boost the colour intensity of your images, and another that lets you create really cool partly colourised black and white images.

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Make Your Colours Really Vibrant

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t understand why this works or how it works but I can promise you that it works. There are quite a few steps involved but when you really need that perfect image this trick is well worth the effort. You can see an excellent web cast demonstrating this tip here. The two images below show what this tip can do. The top image is the original.

Colour Enhance - Before
Colour Enhance - After

Some Fun With Black & White

This tip really is just for fun. You see these kinds of images around all the time and there is something very cool about them. You basically have a black and white image but one item in the image is in colour. By following these simple instructions you can now do this yourself. Below is a sample image I made earlier.

Black & White Butterfly