There are two ways of dealing with the configuration details that applications need to store. You have the Windows model, throw the lot into the Registry, and the Linux/Unix model, use text files in people’s home directories. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but on balance, I prefer the Linux/Unix model. Apple have taken the Linux/Unix approach but rather than storing the configuration files in straight in your home directory OS X stores them in the Library folder within your home directory. Although 99% of an application is gone when you drag it to the trash can, the configuration files in your Library are left behind. These take up very little room and don’t really get in your way but you might still like to get rid of them. If you’re the kind of person who is constantly installing and removing applications to test and play them you probably should look into tools for completely removing applications.

On the Mac there are two tools for this that I am aware of, AppZapper and AppDelete. It was Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast that put me on to AppDelete. Like Allison I’ve played with both and agree that AppDelete is the better App of the two. It’s UI is the hight of simplicity, but perhaps so simple it may confuse people (more on this later). It also allows you to see what will be deleted and to un-do the deletion so there should be no nasty surprises! This is the perfect example of a tool that solves one problem very well. Basically, it does exactly what it says on the tin!

So, what do I mean the UI is so simple it could get confusing? Well, you don’t actually run AppDelete like a program. You should think of it as being like a trash can icon just for Applications. You put a shortcut to AppDelete somewhere you will have easy access to it and then just drag and drop the applications you want to completely remove onto it. Where do you put the shortcut and how? The how is easy, drag and drop, as to where, below are some suggestions all of which I’ve tested.

App Delete in the DockThe first option is probably the one most people think of, put it in the Dock! Just drag and drop the AppDelete application into which ever part of the Dock you want it to be in and you’re ready to start deleting those apps you don’t want anymore.

The next option is to add an AppDelete shortcut to the side bar in the Finder. You can drag and drop any folder or file you want quick access to in there so why not AppDelete!

App Delete in Finder Side Bar
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The final option is to add AppDelete to the tool bar at the top of every finder window. Many people don’t realize you can drag and drop files and folders up there but you can. You can also customize the buttons that are there by right-clicking on the tool bar and selecting Customize Toolbar..., in fact, you can do this in just about any OS X application. Anyhow, this could be a great place to add an AppDelete icon by just dragging and dropping the AppDelete app.

App Delete in Finder Tool Bar
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