Simple but Tasty Pan-fried Chicken

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Simple But Tasty Pan-fried ChickenThis is the first post in what I expect will become a semi-regular series on this blog. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I never thought to blog about it because I consider the food I cook to be very simple and not all that interesting. But, people keep asking me how I cook things, so I figured I may as well share my ‘secrets’ here. If you’re wondering what kind of food you’ll find here, I think I could best describe it as simple and wholesome. I hate processed foods, so I try to cook with as many fresh ingredients as possible. As for the style – it’s very eclectic. I neither like bland food nor spicy food, so I tend to cook things that have a lot of flavour, but aren’t spicy – a little tangy maybe, but never spicy.

I promise I’ll get to the first recipe in a moment, but before I do I want to share my ethos on cooking. For me it’s all about sharing, what’s the fun in cooking a nice meal if you can’t share it? And what’s the fun in sharing food if you don’t also share ideas and methods with people? I’m always changing how I cook things, and I’m always learning from people. I get ideas and I edit them to make them my own. The best thing that could come out of this series of posts for me is that I inspire people to customise and change my recipes and to share their thoughts and modifications with the community here.

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