The single best thing about being involved in the Mac community is the great people you get to meet (all-be-it virtually). This evening my thoughts are with one of those people in particular, Robert Lachman of Photography and the Mac, Mac Review Cast, and NosillaCast fame. Over the past months I’ve really been enjoying a series of photos Robert’s been posting to his blog. They’re pictures of the great Bob Hope taken by his dad, Mort Lachman, who was on of Bob’s main writers. The photos are fantastic in their candour and lack of any pretentiousness.

I was very sad to read earlier in the week that Mort was in hospital having suffered a heart attack, and even sadder today to learn that he has passed away. Robert has posted a fantastic video on his website, which I think serves as a wonderful tribute to his Dad. I also think everyone should check out Mort’s great series of Bob Hope photos, they really are something special.

If you read this Robert, you and your family are in my thoughts at this difficult time in your lives.