OK, first off, WTF … what happened to Leopard? I want to know when the next OS X will be out and more importantly what will be in it! I’m just shocked that software did not feature at all in the keynote. No new iTunes, no iLife 07 and no Leopard. What can I say, that’s a pretty big aspect of my predictions blown right out of the water!

So, in short I expect to hear lots about Leopard, very little about the Macintosh line (apart from the usual gloating about its greatness 🙂 ), and a good bit about iTunes in the form of the iTV, movies for more people and a cool iPhone.

On the plus side I did say more movies and TV Shows, iTV and the iPhone so I guess three out of four ain’t bad!

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I haven’t seen the video of the presentation yet, I just followed the live text and photo coverage of the KeyNote on MacRumours so bear that in mind. However, even from that less than idea view of events it’s clear that the iPod Phone is one hell of a product. To paraphrase Jobs, the first really smart phone. Simply put I know what I want for Christmas next year!

The Apple TV (formerly code-named the iTV) was of course no surprise to anyone but I was still impressed. It looks like it’s going to do a lot and at just under three hundred dollars I’d say it’s reasonably priced. I’d expect to see one in the Busschots living room within the next three months!

I’ll post a more detailed analysis when I’ve had a chance to view the video, I just wanted to get my initial reaction out there which was basically ‘WTF … you do know you’re supposed to be releasing an OS this quarter right?’