Having recently updated my opinion on iWeb from “it’s OK” to “it sucks”, I’ve now gone one step further and decided that it REALLY sucks! I just did a very minor upgrade from iWeb 1.1 to iWeb 1.1.1 and it broke my site. I can’t really put it any simpler than that, it just broke my site.

How did it mess up?

  1. I changed the URL it published the RSS feeds for my podcast to, hence breaking my podcast for all my subscribers. A minor version update should not do something that drastic!
  2. It broke internal links in my site, no update should do that!
  3. It broke the rendering of my site. It’s bad enough that it published text as images but when it messes up those images to make your site look stupid then it really is being useless! Below are some screenshots to show you what I mean.
  4. It broke the album art in all podcast episodes that were added before the upgrade. Not a major deal but it still makes my site look poor and un-polished when I had actually bothered spending time picking out images to represent the episodes well.

What my site lookes like in iWeb before publishing:

Before Publishing

Notice the lack of odd characters on the page.

What my site looks like when published by iWeb:

After Publishing

Notice the odd special characters all over the place!

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