It’s so easy to cook Cauliflower poorly, leaving a bland colourless tasteless mush. That’s probably why so many people have such a poor opinion of this wonderful vegetable. One solution to this flavour problem is to add a bunch of salt and fat and turn a healthy daily side into a calorific threat food — just add some bacon and cheese, et voila! I definitely do this from time to time, as a treat, but that kind of exuberance is not a part of my daily diet. I want to enjoy cauliflower while keeping it healthy, and at this stage I’ve found lots of ways of doing that. In this post I’m going to share four of my favourite cauliflower recipes, and I’m going to focus on just those where cauliflower can be the only vegetable in the recipe. If you want to add some colour to the mix, you can replace up to half of the cauliflower with broccoli in all these recipes, and some are actually a little nicer when you do that, but the all work really well with cauliflower, and only cauliflower as the main ingredient. I might share some of my other recipes pairing cauliflower with things like courgettes (?? zucchini), sugar-snap peas (?? snow peas), shallots, red onions, and even cooking apples in future, but today I want the much maligned and under appreciated cauliflower to be the star of the show!

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