Listeners of the various podcasts I pop up on from time to time may well know that I’m far from a fan of Steve Balmer. I didn’t like Bill Gates because of his hostile business practices, but I (perhaps grudgingly) admired his obvious talents. As CEO, Gates took Microsoft to the very very top. Balmer on the other hand, has always struck me as a rude and short-sighted bully who got to where he is now by being in the right place at the right time more than anything else. I just can’t see him as a visionary. I’ve been arguing for a long time that he is steering Microsoft down a dead-end path, and the fine folks over at seem to agree with me. They’ve put together a great infographic that really drives homes the point. Since a picture says a thousand words, I’ll leave you with the picture they paint of the Steve Balmer era at Microsoft.

Microsoft MBA: Over 30 Years of Innovation
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