I posted my initial comments on the Irish iPhone introduction yesterday and the more I think about it and the more I read about it the angrier I get with O2 and the less likely I am to buy an official Irish iPhone. Judging by the iPod Touch the iPhone must be a spectacular phone but I’m not prepared to be taken to the cleaners by O2 for it. The rip-off culture here in Ireland is so well established that we often don’t even notice quite how much over the odds we pay for stuff but O2 is going too far with this one. O2 Ireland obviously don’t think they need to learn from their colleagues in the UK who already have the iPhone.

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What makes the iPhone cool? The touch interface is the most obvious answer but that’s only part of the story. The web browser, mail client and visual voicemail features are also major factors. It has become clear that iPhone users are very heavy data users and that’s really the whole point of the iPhone, it’s not just a phone but an actually usable mobile communication device. It’s fantastic at doing email and web as well as voice and SMS. O2 Ireland simply don’t get this rather important point, rather than the unlimited Data plan O2 give in the UK, Irish customers are expected to be happy with a pathetic 1GB per month on ALL available plans right up to the most expensive one. That’s just plain retarded!

Secondly, Irish iPhone customers won’t be getting visual voicemail apparently and worse still, will have to pay 15c per minute to listen to voice messages. I’m currently with Vodafone and I’ve had free voicemail for about a decade now. No way am I keen to give that up.

Then we come to the plans, the cheapest one is a whopping 45€ per month yet only comes with a paltry 170 minutes and 100 text messages. O2 iPhone customers in the UK get 600 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited data for £35 (almost exactly €45) per month. Puts the rip-off O2 Ireland think they can get away with into perspective really.

Why would O2 Ireland introduce the iPhone with such rotten terms? Is there no communication between O2 Ireland and O2 UK? Or is it because O2 Ireland’s CEO thinks Apple users are freaks? Well, this ‘freak’ isn’t going to bend over and let O2 take him roughly from behind. I would love to get an iPhone but not under these terms, no way.