I don’t usually post about what the famous get up to because I think most of the celebrity ‘news’ we get rots the brain, however, the passing of a great actor is not gossip. I’m sure we’ll see lots of gossip about how exactly it happened, there’ll be mindless speculation about whether or not it was an accident and so forth. The poor family will be hounded and tormented and denied the one thing they really need, time to grieve, and all in the interest of making the tabloids rich. People might even decry the horrible invasion of privacy while running out to buy the latest red-top with pictures of his grieving family snapped by the tabloid’s telephoto-armed hounds. But before things descend to that level, I just want to post my own reflections.

I’ve always felt a strange connection to Heath Ledger because we’re of a very similar age. When I’d see his latest work I’d always find myself thinking, “wow, he’s the same age as me, and look what he can do … wow … that’s real talent”. I’ve also grown up watching his work. When I was young, he was starring in the kids TV I was watching, and as I grew up, he grew up and went on to star in the Films I was watching. I’ve always liked his work and I think he had a real talent. For him to die so young is a real loss. It’s also strange when people your age start dying. That’s just not right!

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