I listen to a lot of podcasts. Loads of them are sponsored by Audible.com and the service they offer sounds fantastic. With that in mind I went to sign up today. I didn’t get far. Firstly the US site told me to go to the UK site instead. Pity, there goes my free book for using a promotional link from a podcast. However, their service did sound good so I did as I was told and went over to the UK store. It let me sign up no problem. Took my credit card details and welcomed me aboard. Unfortunately it all went down-hill from there.

I had heard a few books recommended so I knew what I wanted and started to use their search feature. It soon became clear there was a problem. None of the recommended books were showing up. In fact, the books it did return all looked like junk (a typical example was a book about how the bible can help you control your colesterol).

At this point I was getting grumpy. So, giving up on my wish-list I decided to have a look at their best sellers. Straight away the book I really wanted jumped out of the page at me. It was right there in the side bar. Excellent I though, it’s not that they don’t have it, it’s that their search is poor. I click on the book. It shows me the cover, all the details, tells me it’s un-abridged (good), it even tells me the price. There is just one thing missing. There is no button to actaully BUY the book! Then I see it. A message basically telling me to get stuffed. Due to “geographic restrictions” I can’t buy the book. Yup, you got it. They sent me to the UK site to then proceed to only sell me junk books, show me the books I want, but refuse to sell to me. That’s just cruel!

I was not a happy bunny. I sent them an email demanding my money back. I’ll report back on that when I get a reply. In the mean time, if you actually want to get good audio books and live in Ireland, DON’T GO TO AUDIBLE!

Update – for a total twist of irony. I can get the book on the Irish iTunes store and it’s provided by ….. Audible.co.uk! So, they won’t sell it to me, but they will sell it to Apple who can then sell it to me. Go figure. On the plus side, iTunes was cheaper too!