Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time may remember the battle I had with the IEDR to get my name as a .ie domain. I should probably explain at this point the the IEDR are the people who control the .ie top level domain (or TLD) and that they manage very differently to the .com TLD. They only give out domains in line with very strict policies and generally require a lot of documentation before approving a domain. Anyhow, I was very miffed with the IEDR for not serving anyone but business and government properly. Individuals could not register their name but were instead only entitled to two initials and a number. Needless to say I made it my mission to find a loop-hole and did. Then, when I had my domain, I dedicated one of my first posts on the domain to pointing out in great detail everything that was wrong with the IEDR (The Problems with the IE Domain Registry). Today, for the first time, regular people have the right to register .ie domains. That’s right, after many years the IEDR has finally seen sense. Prices are also starting to come down so credit where credit is due, I really think things are finally changing for the better in the IEDR. Well done lads!