Well, what with the election being just around the corner the door-step brigade are out in force. I just had Fine Gael at the door and can’t believe their ineptitude. These people sure didn’t leave me with the impression that they had the where-with-all to run the country. Here’s how the exchange went:

Me: So why should I vote for Fine Geal?

Fine Gael: Ah … sure why not?

Me: *stare in amazement*

Had they been able to follow that up with any sort of real answer I wouldn’t mind. But instead they just gave me some literature. When I started asking questions they looked at their copy of the register, realised that only one male was registered to vote in the house, and that he was a Fine Gael member. They then got suspicious and stopped answering us! Instead they then asked to speak to people by name. I pointed out that none of them lived here anymore. They told us we obviously couldn’t vote because we weren’t on the register. I pointed out that all it meant was that we would not be voting in this constituency but they didn’t seem to care. They couldn’t get away quick enough.

All in all a poor show. What makes parties think that sending out plebs with no ability to discuss policies with potential voters around to smile and make small-talk will win votes?

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