If you use a laptop and you move around between multiple networks you’ll probably tire very quickly of FireFox not allowing you to store multiple proxy configurations. I have to use different proxy settings at work and at home so I set about to look for a nice proxy switching extension for FireFox. There are a few different extensions out there and after playing with the most promising looking ones I’ve come to the conclusion that the best one for me is SwitchProxy Tool.

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This lets me quickly and easily set up different proxies and switch between them. It also supports PAC files which is important to me since I’m supposed to use one in work. The default setup works but I find it a little intrusive. A very large new menu bar appears at the top of the screen between the bookmarks and the tabs (see the screenshot below).

SwitchProxy Tool Default Setup
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You can easily tidy things up though. Just right-click on any of the toolbars and choose Customize.... Then drag and drop the drop-down labeled SwitchProxy somewhere onto one of your menu bars. Personally I like to have it between the address box and the google box but you can put it where ever you prefer. Now you can remove the SwitchProxy toolbar by right-clicking the any toolbar again and un-checking Switch Proxy Toolbar. That’s it, not you have a very clean and very easy to use proxy-switcher for FireFox. The Screen Shot below shows SwitchProxy in action.

SwitchProxy Tool My Setup
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