I was more than a bit surprised to see a company I have a lot of respect for acting the complete prick and bullying and Irish IT conference because they are using the term Web2.0 in their title. Regardless of what O’Reilly think I really don’t think they can Service Mark a commonly used term like Web2.0. I’m pretty sure there is precedence out there on this kind of thing. Personally I hate the term Web2.0 and find it a turn off where ever I see it so I’d love to see it die a death but I’m not on for having big American corporations come in to Ireland and start bullying Irish institutions.

*boo hiss*

Mind you at least the good news is that the bad press O’Reilly got in the blog-sphere had the desired effect and O’Reilly have caved in and are letting the conference go a head this year, but not in future.

Here’s a link with more details: www.tomrafteryit.net/oreilly-trademarks-web-20-and-sets-lawyers-on-itcork/