So, I got my very shinny new PowerMac (dual 2.0Ghz G5 with 2GB RAM) today and I’m just blown away by just about everything about it (it’s FAST, the Apple Cinema Display ROCKS) but one thing has proved a real disappointment, the Mighty Mouse that came free with it.

I have been playing with the settings for ages and all I can’t get the right "button" to do ctrl+click (right click to non-mac users) like any PC mouse will do when plugged into a mac. I can get it to do "Button 2" which is ctrl+click sometimes but only sometimes! The side buttons are useless and the only thing I can see them doing is giving people RSI! "Just squeeze" is what Apple say, gimme a bloody vice and I might have a chance! I don’t have particularly big hands and I can tell you now I’d do myself an injury if I had to use that "button" a lot.

Thank heavens there is a Logitech Comfort Cordless Desktop winging it’s way towards me as I type!